Ross Bishop Print Biography
Abstract Non-Objective Painter.

Born in North Bay, Ontario and graduated from the U. of Guelph, B.Sc. (H.K.) in 1979 and I have lived London since. Although having a science background, my appreciation always existed for the aesthetics of movement and colour. In a sense, my science background has been a surprising pathway to the arts, which has been enlightening.

Both a collector and painter of non-objective art, my desire to paint was inspired by the works of the Painters Eleven group, particularly Wm. Ronald.

As a self-taught artist, I don’t look at art as a means to an end. I paint what I like, how I like and in the colours I like. The advantage of also being an art collector, is that the scrutiny from that perspective also exists. Invariably, the final test is, “would I collect this piece.”

I started out painting by grasping onto the following first principle and it will always apply to my work; "there are no rules."

Once accepted this leads to more creative concepts of:
- "trusting your instincts"
- "believing in the integrity of the painted surface"
- "trying not to be literal"
- "letting the painting speak for itself"

You can see that the science side attempts order to disorder. Therefore removing the self from the painting process is the most complex part of abstract non-objective painting.

All of this and more evolves in both the creation and appreciation of abstraction.

Paintings represented in London, Toronto and Montreal.